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  • Brand New ATM

  • Pre-Selected already producing Atm Locations for sale with a minimum of 20% ROI a year

  • Currently installed and producing income.  Atm account ready to be transferred to new Atm Operator

  • Training on loading, maintaining and operating ATM as needed 

  • Processing of your ATM with real-time access

  • Fully managed and maintained by our third party armored company


Special Package: Total package plan starting @ $6,000


Equipment Service & Training

Process : Atms Locator will provide you the ATM of your choice, new or used ready to make you money. 

Prodigy will provide the resources on how to help you find a high traffic location for your machine to be placed in for withdrawals. 

You will have access to our Atm Online University that provides full video training on how to run and operate a successful ATM business.

Once a profitable location is found, we will arrange for installation and negotiate profit 

sharing on behalf  of you. It's that easy, we place your machine in a convenience store, supermarket

or other busy locations and all negotiated profits from transactions will be deposited in your 

account the next day.  


Supermarket ABC does 15 atm withdrawals a day, the profits will be:



  1. 15 withdrawals/day x $2.90/per transaction = $43.50/day x 30 days = $1,305.  

  2. Your Atm machine would make you a Gross of $1305 - $300/store owner - $150/atm lease if a lease.  

  3. Numbers varies based on locations.


AtmsLocator will arrange for installation and programming of your new machine , ATM Placement and Training 

(programming and installation costs are included*) 


Most applications for processing are approved the same day 

Prodigy will provide an real-time online monitoring program so you can monitor your 

ATMs daily transaction activity and balances from your smart phone.... 


You receive 100% of the surcharge amount that you set on each transaction 

All new machines come with warranty on parts (extended warranty and 

service plans available) You load the cash in the ATM and the money withdrawn is 

replenished directly into your banking account the next business day.

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  •  Own Your Independent ATM Operator Service Office

  •  Make between $110,000 - $150,000 Annually (Year 1 & 2)

  •  Between 15-30 Client Setups Monthly

  •  No Advertising or Marketing Required

  •  Provide ATM Services not limited to: ATM Placements, ATM Installations, ATM Repairs, ATM Processing, ATM Programming, ATM New Client Setup, ATM Locator Services for existing clients, Cash Vaulting & more

  • Rceive up to 70% Payout on COMPANY referred services and up to  90% Payout on self-prospected services

  • Monthly Residual payouts one account setups plus upfront 

  • COMPANY provides training on all services to be provided by INDEPENDENT OFFICE





We been the ATM & Banking Business for over 10 years working the Tri-County areas in

South Florda where our home office is located.  We have expanded our professional locator service reach to over 80 

Major Cities in 50 states with Miami being our base and prime area.  We have performed Professional ATM services

for locations such as: the Mandarin Oriental, Hyatt Regency to the Biltmore Hotel: we also service gas stations and 

convenient stores in "rough areas", office buildings, and shopping malls such as Bal Harbour Shops: so basically BIG 

or small we have the ability to services machines and provide outsourced services to merchants nationwide.  We also 

provide other outsourced services such as cash loading with armored car service which is well over 300 zip codes.  Our

operation covers anywhere in the 50 states with our focus on major metropolitan cities first.  We are a full service  

company, meaning we handle everything from A-Z, from Professional Locator Servicing of ATM Operator to selling your 

choice of brand ATMs from new to used direct from manufactuer or from us.  Our services have no limits from installing

ATMs into the ground or just a temporary event, to keeping them filled with cash at all times 24 hours a day, even a 

simple paper jam to customer service for your ATM Operator or location needing customer service assistance.  We 

provide a reliable processing platform for you or your customers' ATMs with 24/7 real-time reporting alerts that can be 

accessed remotely from any smart phone or pc with no restrictions locally or nationally.




If you are in the business for a quick return on your investment then you have come

the right place.  Just like a Real Estate property an ATM Route can be purchased

and re-sold almost instantly for up to 10X the original cost of investment.


This is how it works:  

  1. You would have to establish location(s) by purchasing our complete plan package for $4500.  

  2. Your ATM locations will have to be in place for a minimum of 2-3 months to show true transaction performance or income from ATM.

  3. After you are able to prove 2-3 months of consitent ATM Statement income from your ATM then you are ready to FLIP IT.  

  4. We can re-sell locations for you at a broker cost or you can seek to sell yourself to another entity that is interested in making profits from the ATM business or you can sell to an exisiting ATM Operator in the business that is seeking to expand on their existing routes.


The cost of your Route in 2-3 months could be worth up to 10X your investment amount.

The rule of thumb to calculate what your locations are worth now is to multiply the 

monthly income of your single location by 24Months Plus the cost of your ATM.  

Example you make $500/month and the cost of your ATM is $2,000.  



ATM Route is now worth $500 x 24 + $2,000 = $14,000.  So your location is now worth

$14,000 on the market to the right buyer.  This is a 500% Markup on your investment

in 2-3 months.


The best part about owning an ATM Business is that you never lose! You only make 

money when someone uses your ATM.  If its not used your money stays in the machine.


Quick Flip Consultation: CONTACT US TODAY: 954-740-7277 


If you are a new ATM Operator seeking to get started in the ATM Business we offer a market analysis service where we do a detail research in your areas of interest to decide the feasibility of your business model and to help you make an educated decision on whether this is a good business more or not.  By doing so we gather data on locations that are in your area to see if there are sufficient locations  available to place your atm prior to getting started.


- You will receive a full report of all qualified locations that are available in your geographical area 

-  City and Zip code mapping for location radius

-  Discuss findings and contingency plan

-  Offer guidance on decision

-  One-Time non-refundable fee of $500

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