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Buy & Sell Bitcoin and NFT Cryptocurrency all on one Atm

$6,000.00* (START TODAY)

With our starter atm program Investor/Operator gets the opportunity to get the ball rolling in as little as 90 days from setup for a Full-Service Opportunity with little or no hands on requirement. This is the best value for MONEY (at the moment). Our new offer to get started in the Atm Business is a combined offer for a One-Stop Shop experience.

Includes Below:

Access to our Atm Online University resource tool which provides a full guide on the Atm Business on how to run and operate your own Atm Business successfully. Get full access to training videos and guide on all preliminary Atm tools.

Our Full Service Package includes:
1. Brand New Atm (with 24 months warranty)
2. Professional Installation of your new Atm
3. We find you a profitable location to place your Atm
4. First line maintenance and management on of your Atm (no labor rquired)
5. Access daily Atm activity and earning remotely
6. 180 days replacement warranty on your Atm placement

Average Monthly income of $150 - $350 per location or more depending on the traffic of the location

Great Startup Opportunity - 2-3 hours weekly & Great Return*
If you are looking for an opportunity to Start An Atm Business or expand your existing Business this is the perfect opportunity for you. Owning an Atm Business or Atm Route provides a great source of standard and Residual Income for anyone that is seeking to invest as little as 2-3 hours weekly and make as much as they put in.

Example each customer uses your Atm you will make $3.00 per withdrawal or you can charge a % as much as 5% for customers to withdraw cash from your Atm. So if 20 people withdraw cash from your Atm daily you will make $60/day. If the location is opened 7 days a week you will now make $1800/month for only one location.

The more locations you establish the more income you will make. So if you have 10 locations producing $1800/month then your income will be $18,000/month on a good scenario. The good thing about the Atm Business is that you can always move your Atm to a profitable location if your existing location is not producing enough income for you at any time.

We are a complete service provider that helps and support new operators that service under our umbrella

Purchase Options:



Most Affordable - Get started in the Atm Business for as little as $2,000 with your choice of a brand new Atm or a used Atm* from as little as $599.  Ask your sales agent about this special offer.  


Total Residual Package - No Experience or labor required. We manage and maintain your Atm. Fully Managed by PRODIGY (from $6,000*). To Add Bitcoin feature +$1,000


Do It Yourself Starter Program - Learn How to Run and Operate your Atm Business Independently. Full Training provided by PRODIGY (from $4,500*)

Two Year Manufacturer's warranty on all Atms*

Free Processing & remote monitoring of transactions

Constant Support and Technical Support for your Atms

Training & Compliance support

24/7 Atm University Resource Guide from A-Z product knowledge and operator Do It Yourself Training

10% Discount on 5+ Atm Package

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